Human creatures

Human creatures In most worlds, the human race is the youngest of the common races, the latest to occupy the world stage and the one with the shortest life expectancy compared to other creatures, such as elves, dwarves, dragons, orcs. or other types of living and sentient beings. Perhaps, it is precisely because of their short lifespan, humans are driven [...]
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wolfmaker3d lionfolk ferin leonid leonin warrior 3d miniature figurines statue bust

Werelion creatures

Werelion creatures Werelion creatures are referred to as a lion-man, half lion and werelion n in many worlds. A lycanthrope of this type can appear in lion form, lion man hybrid form, or gain only certain physical mutations or abilities of the lion, such as teeth, jaw, claws, or developed senses. Fierce, mighty and agile. This type of werewolf is [...]
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Centaur creatures

Centaur creatures Centaurs inhabit both mountains and forests and are very violent and territorial with strangers. They almost always gladly admit the close presence of Elves, with whom they also share small hunting grounds. They are fond of wine and other alcoholic beverages they produce themselves. They protect forests and the lives of animals and other forest dwellers. They have [...]
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