About Wolfmaker3D and Custom Figures and Miniatures

I create and print Miniatures for board games and wargames, as well as Action Figures and customized 3D small Items on request. It ranges from fantasy, sci-fi characters, from various franchises, such as Marvel, DC and many more. Feel free to contact me for ask something or order your Custom Figures and Miniatures.

Custom action figures 3d model printed

Bring to life your Custom Figure

Custom Figures and Miniatures

If you don’t find one Action Figures or a Miniature from a Franchise (Marvel, DC, Warhammer, League of Legends, Star Wars, etc.) just ask to us. We have a collection of 3D characters like these and, each day, we create new designs and new characters.

If we don’t have the figure or miniature you searching, just click on Custom Item and we will bring to life your desired Character, Creature or Item.

In the Custom Item page, choose the options:

  1. Choose size and other options
  2. Send a pic of your character or describe what you want.

In 2/4 weeks:

  1. We will establish a contact with you to update you on every stage of the work;
  2. During the work, we can ask you to choose some free improvements or other modifications that we believe could improve the finished model that you will receive at the end of the work;
  3. We complete all parts of your order;
  4. After your confirmation, we go ahead to print it;
  5. We refine all after the print and we will ship to your address.

Ask a quote for Custom Figures and Miniatures items

Please, select the desired size for your Character.
Please select number of items that Character has.

Pricing of Custom Figures and Miniatures in base of Size and quantity items on it

The time to complete your custom product depends on the length of the jobs queque. For this I try to guarantee a time limit between 2 and 3 weeks, giving priority to older jobs.

While working, I may contact you to suggest changing a part or adding something, to make your final product truly gorgeous.

I request a whatsapp contact to stay updated on the developments of your requested customized product.