We sculpt, print and paint
3D items, characters and more over

The services offered by Wolfmaker3D are related to the design, creation, printing in high quality resin, finishing and coloring (painting by hand or with the use of an airbrush). The three main services are 3D Printing, Painting of objects or characters printed in resin or pla and, most importantly, the Design service of a customized project, with the attached printing and painting service on request.


3D Design

Custom 3D creations
We design diorama, single character or accessories. Styles available between Anime, Manga, Horro, Sci-Fi or Fantasy Style.
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Print & Refine

Quality Resin Prints
We print miniatures, action figures, accessories and more over... Available size prints from 3 cm up to 50 cm. For more you can contact us.
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Painting your projects
We prime and then paint printed items with professional painting colors like Vallejo or Army painter.
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Miniatures, Statues, Busts, Diorama and Action Figures

Below you will find all our products, divided by the tags that may interest you most or by the categories they belong to, such as the type of setting of the character and much more (fantasy, scifi, anime, videogames and many others). You can use the filter to view the products that mainly interest you.