wolfmaker3d lionfolk ferin leonid leonin warrior 3d miniature figurines statue bust

Werelion creatures

Werelion creatures

Werelion creatures are referred to as a lion-man, half lion and werelion n in many worlds.
A lycanthrope of this type can appear in lion form, lion man hybrid form, or gain only certain physical mutations or abilities of the lion, such as teeth, jaw, claws, or developed senses. Fierce, mighty and agile. This type of werewolf is a fusion of a species and a lion. Oral and faithful, only a few times failing, lions marry value and virtue. Without the lycanthrophy, a werelion can’t be a total lion form.

Lycanthropy & Half Animals in the Multiverse

Lycanthropy can originate from a genetic disease, mutation, evolution, experiments, spells or curses. Lycantrops can be any mixture of two main elements: a main species and a secondary species, of which the Lycantrops manages to acquire skills, physical, developed senses or to completely change in it or to change only some parts of the body. They are shapeshifters. There are no limits to the possibilities of Lycanthropy, although in most cases, the secondary species is almost always an animal, perhaps due to the organism similar to the first species.

wolfmaker3d lionfolk shapeshifter warriors pack 3d miniature figurines statue bust custom
wolfmaker3d lionfolk shapeshifter warriors pack 3d miniature figurines statue bust custom
wolfmaker3d lionfolk shapeshifter warriors pack 3d miniature figurines statue bust custom

✧ Lionfolk/Leonid/Leonin Classes ✧

✧ Lionfolk Hunter – Lionfolks  have highly developed animal reflexes and senses, such as smell, sight and hearing. They are therefore absolute Predators and often become hunters, using weapons such as spears, throwing axes and sometimes bows, and then using their claws and jaws on prey, transforming into their lupine forms.
✧ Werelion Druid – Unlike shamans, druids draw energy from life and nature, not animal spirits or forest spirits. In fact, the Druids draw energy from life and then manipulate the very life of trees and nature to make them grow to excess or create protective armor. Werelions, being already part of the animal, can channel their innate ferocity and natural bond to amplify their druidic power.
✧ Lionfolk Paladin – By amplifying energy, magic, strength, faith and fury, based on the Gods your clan has faith in, channel great powers to become more resilient, heal allies, enhance every physical and magical ability.

✧ Half-lion Berserker – Berserker Centaurs infuse their bloody fury into battle. They manage to cheer all their mates and run much faster. Lionfolks also draw on their animal side to channel even more ferocity and fury.
✧ Lionfolk Soldier – The soldier is precisely and selectively trained to be part of a platoon or army. It has directives, rules and hierarchies within its army. The training makes it possible to recognize also some behaviors and patterns of enemies. It’s something rare, as other soldiers can usually be terrified of having a werewolf as a comrade-in-arms.
✧ Leonid Shaman – Shamans manipulate natural and ancestral forces to invoke destructive or healing forces, such as lightning, flames, or invoke animal and ancestral spirits to help them.

✧ Pose and equipment examples ✧

wolfmaker3d lionfolk ferin leonid leonin warrior 3d miniature figurines statue bust
wolfmaker3d lionfolk ferin leonid leonin warrior 3d miniature figurines statue bust
wolfmaker3d lionfolk ferin leonid leonin warrior 3d miniature figurines statue bust
wolfmaker3d lionfolk ferin leonid leonin warrior 3d miniature figurines statue bust
wolfmaker3d lionfolk ferin leonid leonin warrior 3d miniature figurines statue bust

Physical stats

Lionfolk are large and muscular, well over 1.9 meters tall, sometimes reaching as much as 2.2 meters. Lionfolk, like the rest of the beast, have small claws for their nails, although they are usually not sharp enough for combat. The lion has thick, blonde hair on their forearms and shins and typically have light skin tones, but show only mild effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight for long periods. Male lionfolk have thick blonde hair and beards that resemble a lion’s mane, but can sometimes be reddish in color. Lionfolk, like all beasts, walk on human-shaped feet rather than animal-like legs. Lionfolk faces resemble those of a lion, with eyes varying in color like that of a human. Lionfolk consider themselves adults at the age of 33. They usually live around 150 years, but some lived up to 180 years, despite those Lionfolk being very sick at the time.

Moral and Habits

Lionfolk live with strong ethical and moral codes, putting the needs and lives of others in their place. While their adherence to their ways may make them stiff and arrogant, they are honest and forthright at best. They placed loyalty to their leaders and perfection of skills above all else. Over time, this has created a society of warriors who valued honor, courage and strength in battle above all else. The ethical and moral norms that lionfolk place on themselves may vary from one Lionfolk to another; However, their interpretation of any norm, no matter how few or minor they are, is severe, perhaps even rigid. In most cases, Lionfolk will adopt the rules of their job or career, abiding by all the rules with almost armored devotion.
Lionfolk show little preference in the clothing they wear, emulating the fashion of the province they live in. Leonids tend to follow the law first and foremost if they are part of a civilization that follows rules. Thanks to physical prowess, Lionfolk are predisposed to fight, so most of them become warriors and paladins.


As in many other clans, tribes or civilizations of mixed beings among anthropomorphic animals, hierarchies are stipulated on the basis of strength and wisdom, which must be present in equal measure. In fact, the Lord of a clan of anthropomorphic felinids is almost always the eldest, but still capable of fighting.
If a lion wanted to become the new king or chief of the clan, he could directly challenge the monarch, in the same way as the direct descendants of the current king. In fact, he should first defeat the monarch’s sons both in ritual combat and in challenges of wisdom and politics, and then defeat the King and become the new monarch.

Other special abilities in a board game

They can understand lions thoroughly and communicate with them. They can use their claws to tear through enemies, their might and agility in combat, and to pass tests of dexterity and strength. The perception is very high thanks to the developed animal senses.
Hear/SMell – The werelion has an advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks based on hearing or smell.
Damage Immunity – Bludgeoning, piercing, and cutting edge of non-magical non-silver attacks.
Hybrid / humanoid form – The werelion makes two attacks: one with its bite and one with its claws or spear.
Hybrid / lion form – Natural Claw melee weapon attack: +4 to hit, range 1.5m, one target. Hits: 6 (1d8 + 2) piercing damage.

[price_table title=”Strength” price=”15″ currency=”(+2)”]Strength is the damage you inflict with an attack, how much weight you can carry and how well you tend to do with strength based skill checks.[/price_table]
[price_table title=”Dexterity” price=”13″ currency=”(+1)”]Dexterity is your speed. It is how fast you are with your movement and how successful you are with ranged attacks.[/price_table]
[price_table title=”Constitution” price=”14″ currency=”(+2)”]Constitution is around your actual fortitude. Has a direct effect on your health, as well as your resistance to poison.[/price_table]
[price_table title=”Intelligence” price=”10″ currency=”(0)”]Intelligence is how smart you are and is your academic intelligence. Is also how much you know about things.[/price_table]
[price_table title=”Wisdom” price=”11″ currency=”(0)”]Wisdom is knowing about the world around you, like stories and legends. Also is how perceptive you are. It determines what you naturally notice.[/price_table]
[price_table title=”Charisma” price=”10″ currency=”(0)”]Charisma is how good you are with people and how good you are at persuading people, when you want to reflect if you are a good guy or how well you get on with NPCs.[/price_table]

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