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These are characters based on folklore, mythology, fairy tales or fairy tales. Fantastic and unique creatures, with their hierarchies and life. They are created using 3D modeling tools and, after hours of work, are prepared on various other software to become printable on high quality and professional 3D printers.


Use of these items​

You can use any miniature as pawns and character miniatures for your Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder or other similar games. You can use Busts, Action Figures or Statues as objects for display and collection, on your shelves or furniture, which portray for example characters or objects that may have a certain importance. It is also possible to create items such as cups, deck boxes, key rings, dice, dice throwers, dice holders and much more!



1) RESIN PRINTING: a 3cm height item has a printing time of about 5 hours 2) Washing in isopropyl alcohol for a few minutes and in the machine with ultrasounds to remove the excess resin 3) Drying, finishing and use of Primer to make the product ready to paint.



The resin can be colored very well with special colors and acrylics. We also offer the Coloring service.



Falling objects molded in resin, from heights of more than 20 cm, can be fatal or harmful, as breakage is possible for thin elements. Any broken part can be fixed with glue and other tools. In any case, it is possible to request printing with Flex resin so that it is resistant to bending, bumps and falls (by paying a surcharge).



For customized items return isn't accepted if Items are damaged by couriers, if isn't as like the customer wanted (because the customer received last update pre-print, after print and paint). If possible, the Customer and Wolfmaker3d will come to an agreement whereby Wolfmaker3D will reprint parts if necessary, while the customer pays shipping.


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