Human creatures


Human creatures

In most worlds, the human race is the youngest of the common races, the latest to occupy the world stage and the one with the shortest life expectancy compared to other creatures, such as elves, dwarves, dragons, orcs. or other types of living and sentient beings.
Perhaps, it is precisely because of their short lifespan, humans are driven by the longing to conquer all they can in the fast way possible. Perhaps they feel the need to prove something to the oldest, most advanced and powerful races, and that is why they erect majestic empires based on conquest. discovery, magic, science and / or commerce.
Whatever their motives, humans are always the innovators, creators and pioneers of the worlds.

There is no typical human:
Many humans hide a few drops of non-human blood in their veins, which bears some resemblance to elves, orcs, or other bloodlines. Humans reach maturity just in their twenties and rarely live more than a century. In the case of hybrids born from a human and a member of another race, it is possible that they manage to live much more than a century, based on how many genes they have managed to acquire from the magical / elevated component of the parent.

✧ Human Hunter – Human can achieve high mastery, reflexes and trained senses. Often they become hunters, soldiers or achers, defending their people, reigns and empires. They can use weapons such as spears, throwing axes and bows, crossbows, small axes, spears.
✧ Human Druid – Unlike shamans, druids draw energy from life and nature, not animal spirits or forest spirits. In fact, the Druids draw energy from life and then manipulate the very life of trees and nature to make them grow to excess or create protective armor.
✧ Human Warrior – Human can achieve high mastery, reflexes, trained senses and high physical muscles. Trained in wielding blades, hammers, axes and spears. Wearing armors or simple hide armors.
✧ Human Cleric – Human can use their god link to channel energy and power for destroy enemies and heal allies.
✧ Human Berserker – Berserker infuse their bloody fury into battle. They enrage in the fury and run much faster. Berserkers also draw on their animal side to channel even more ferocity and fury.
✧ Humann Soldier – The soldier is precisely and selectively trained to be part of a platoon or army. It has directives, rules and hierarchies within its army. The training makes it possible to recognize also some behaviors and patterns of enemies.
✧ Human Shaman – Shamans manipulate natural and ancestral forces to invoke destructive or healing forces, such as lightning, flames, or invoke animal and ancestral spirits to help them.

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Humans, an ambitious race

Humans who go on adventures are the boldest and most ambitious exponents of a bold and ambitious race. They try to secure glory among their fellow men by accumulating power, wealth and fame. Far more than other peoples, humans tend to act in the name of a cause rather than for a community or territory.


Humans interact with members of other races more or less as easily as they mix with each other. They get along well with almost everyone, although they hardly forge close bonds with anyone. Humans include ambassadors, diplomats, magistrates, merchants, and officials of all kinds.


Humans are the most adaptable and ambitious common race. They have the greatest variety of tastes, moral beliefs and customs in the many regions where they have settled. However, when they settle in a land, they leave their mark on it: they erect cities that defy time and found great kingdoms that can last for many centuries. A single human being may be short-lived, but a human nation or civilization can perpetuate traditions whose origins date back well before any human can remember. Humans live fully in the present, which makes them excellent adventurers, but they also know how to plan for the future, striving to leave a lasting legacy behind them. Both individually and as a group, humans are adaptable and opportunistic creatures, always ready to change their social and political dynamics.


Where a single elf or dwarf would personally take responsibility for protecting and guarding a special place or important secret, humans found a sacred order or institution with the same task. As dwarf clans and halfling elders pass on ancient traditions to the next generation, humans establish temples, governments, libraries, and create codes of law with which to anchor their traditions to the foundations of history. Humans dream of immortality, but (aside from those who seek undeath or divine ascension to escape the clutches of death) they attain it only by making sure they will be remembered after their demise.
While some individuals may be xenophobic, human societies are generally inclusive. Humans host many non-humans in their lands, in proportions far greater than those of humans housed in other peoples.


Given their tendency to migrate and conquer, the physical differences between humans are greater than those of other common races. There is no typical human: the height of an individual can vary from 1.5 to just over 1.8 meters and the weight ranges from 60 to 125 kg. Human skin tones range from nearly black to pale white, and hair also ranges from black to blond (curly, kinky or straight); males may develop beards or mustaches, sparse or thick. Many humans hide a few drops of non-human blood in their veins, which bears some resemblance to elves, orcs, or other bloodlines. Humans reach maturity just in their twenties and rarely live more than a century.

Given their tendency to migrate and conquer, the physical differences between humans are greater than those of other common races. So, there is no typical human:

  • Height – can vary from one and a half meters to just over two meters
  • Weight – can vary from 45 to 125 kg.
  • Skin – range from nearly black to pale white
  • Hair – also ranges from black to blond (curly, kinky or straight), males may develop beards or mustaches, sparse or thick
[price_table title=”Strength” price=”+1″]Strength is the damage you inflict with an attack, how much weight you can carry and how well you tend to do with strength based skill checks.[/price_table][price_table title=”Dexterity” price=”+1″]Dexterity is your speed. It is how fast you are with your movement and how successful you are with ranged attacks.[/price_table][price_table title=”Constitution” price=”+1″]Constitution is around your actual fortitude. Has a direct effect on your health, as well as your resistance to poison.[/price_table]
[price_table title=”Intelligence” price=”+1″]Intelligence is how smart you are and is your academic intelligence. Is also how much you know about things.[/price_table][price_table title=”Wisdom” price=”+1″]Wisdom is knowing about the world around you, like stories and legends. Also is how perceptive you are. It determines what you naturally notice.[/price_table][price_table title=”Charisma” price=”+1″]Charisma is how good you are with people and how good you are at persuading people, when you want to reflect if you are a good guy or how well you get on with NPCs.[/price_table]

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