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Do you have a custom item request? Go here.

Contact me: ask for collaborations or specific character. You can use these socials and channels for that.

We doing customized miniatures and figures. Also we create some nerd accessories and other small things, all resin printed.

Start a new project with us. We will be in contact all the time for every update, ideas, changes and edits, until all will be all perfect!

With this Custom item request, you can have your special customized item.

The time to complete your custom product depends on the length of the jobs queque. For this I try to guarantee a time limit between 2 and 3 weeks, giving priority to older jobs.

While working, I may contact you to suggest changing a part or adding something, to make your final product truly gorgeous.

I request a whatsapp contact to stay updated on the developments of your requested customized product.


Abruzzo, Italy