wolfmaker3d Centaur warrior creature fantasy horse knight warriors pack 3d miniature figurines statue bust custom

Centaur creatures

wolfmaker3d centaur girl woman shapeshifter warriors pack 3d miniature figurines statue bust custom
wolfmaker3d centaur shapeshifter warriors pack 3d miniature figurines statue bust custom
wolfmaker3d centaur shapeshifter warriors pack 3d miniature figurines statue bust custom
wolfmaker3d centaur girl woman shapeshifter warriors pack 3d miniature figurines statue bust custom

Centaur creatures

Centaurs inhabit both mountains and forests and are very violent and territorial with strangers. They almost always gladly admit the close presence of Elves, with whom they also share small hunting grounds. They are fond of wine and other alcoholic beverages they produce themselves. They protect forests and the lives of animals and other forest dwellers.
They have a predisposition for hunting and using the bow. Spears and axes are other weapons that they master perfectly. Given their speed, they are able to hunt down their prey or invaders very quickly. Their hierarchy is usually made up of a patriarchal type of order, where everything is managed by the leader of the tribe or clan, who often becomes tribal chief thanks to wisdom and age.

✧ Centaur Hunter – The most of Centaurs manage to achieve unfailing accuracy. Like elves, Centaurs are already born with the elevate accuracy and perfection with archery. Centaurs are perfect hunters for take food and life for their clans.
✧ Horse-man Druid – Unlike shamans, druids draw energy from life and nature, not animal spirits or forest spirits. In fact, the Druids draw energy from life and then manipulate the very life of trees and nature to make them grow to excess or create protective armor.
✧ Centaur Warrior – Centaurs excel in physical prowess and are thoroughly trained in wielding blades, hammers, bows and spears, are the ones who establish themselves as warriors.
✧ Half horse Berserker – Berserker Centaurs infuse their bloody fury into battle. They manage to cheer all their mates and run much faster.
✧ Horseman Soldier – The soldier is precisely and selectively trained to be part of a platoon or army. It has directives, rules and hierarchies within its army. The training makes it possible to recognize also some behaviors and patterns of enemies.
✧ Centaur Shaman – Shamans manipulate natural and ancestral forces to invoke destructive or healing forces, such as lightning, flames, or invoke animal and ancestral spirits to help them.

Male Centaur man warrior fantasy miniature figurine statue
Male Centaur man warrior fantasy miniature figurine statue
Male Centaur man warrior fantasy miniature figurine statue
Female Centaur girl warrior
Female Centaur girl warrior
Male Centaur man warrior fantasy miniature figurine statue


Centaurs are typically found in temperate forests.

Racial traits

Centaurs generally live in tribal hunter-gatherer societies. They have good relations with elves, as they are both creatures of the forest. Their relations with elves are mutual, mostly trading gold and treasure from the tribe’s horde for items in large supply in elven communities (mostly alcohol). Elves are welcome in centaur territory, and typically share land. Centaurs generally despise humans and dwarves.Template:Citation needed Neutral, jovial creatures such as halflings and gnomes are tolerated in centaur territory when not causing damage.

Frequent physical characteristics

A combination of the traits of humans and horses, along with their affinity for wilderness survival, gives the centaur incredible strength, slightly less than twice the strength of an average human and the dexterity of an average elven archer. They are also known for their astounding ability to take much punishment, and for their wisdom. They are as fast on land as a horse (usually up to 2000 feet a minute when running), and like dwarves and orcs, they have darkvision. Their favored class is ranger.


Centaurs revere their sylvan god, Skerrit the Forester, the god of Nature and Community.

[price_table title=”Strength” price=”15″ currency=”(+2)”]Strength is the damage you inflict with an attack, how much weight you can carry and how well you tend to do with strength based skill checks.[/price_table][price_table title=”Intelligence” price=”9″ currency=”(-1)”]Intelligence is how smart you are and is your academic intelligence. Is also how much you know about things.[/price_table][price_table title=”Dexterity” price=”14″ currency=”(+2)”]Dexterity is your speed. It is how fast you are with your movement and how successful you are with ranged attacks.[/price_table]
[price_table title=”Wisdom” price=”13″ currency=”(+1)”]Wisdom is knowing about the world around you, like stories and legends. Also is how perceptive you are. It determines what you naturally notice.[/price_table][price_table title=”Constitution” price=”14″ currency=”(+2)”]Constitution is around your actual fortitude. Has a direct effect on your health, as well as your resistance to poison.[/price_table][price_table title=”Charisma” price=”11″ currency=”(0)”]Charisma is how good you are with people and how good you are at persuading people, when you want to reflect if you are a good guy or how well you get on with NPCs.[/price_table]

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