About Wolfmaker3D and Custom Figures and Miniatures

I create and print Miniatures for board games and wargames, as well as Action Figures and customized 3D small Items on request. It ranges from fantasy, sci-fi characters, from various franchises, such as Marvel, DC and many more. Feel free to contact me for ask something or order your Custom Figures and Miniatures.

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By becoming my subscriber, you will have access to some monthly releases or special gifts that comes out of my Forge of Wolves. You can see my works, my prints or the files I have created also on my etsy store https://wolfmaker3d.etsy.com or on my website https://wolfmaker3d.com. By becoming my patreon you will immediately receive a 25% or 30% discount code for the store. If you want an original collection of Miniatures and Action Figures, just subscribe to Delta Wolf tier and you will receive 1 printed mini or figure each month! If you have some projects, subscribe to our Beta Wolf or Alpha Wolf tier and I’ll do a customized project for you, each month!

The time to complete your custom product depends on the length of the jobs queque. For this I try to guarantee a time limit between 2 and 3 weeks, giving priority to older jobs.

While working, I may contact you to suggest changing a part or adding something, to make your final product truly gorgeous.

I request a whatsapp contact to stay updated on the developments of your requested customized product.

Bring to life your Custom Figure

Custom Figures and Miniatures

If you don’t find one Action Figures or a Miniature from a Franchise (Marvel, DC, Warhammer, League of Legends, Star Wars, etc.) just ask to us. We have a collection of 3D characters like these and, each day, we create new designs and new characters.

If we don’t have the figure or miniature you searching, just click on Custom Item and we will bring to life your desired Character, Creature or Item.

In the Custom Item page, choose the options:

  1. Choose additional items on it
  2. Choose Size of printed finished item
  3. Describe your idea in Customization or after order, in chat, with pics

Up to 4 weeks for:

  1. We will establish a contact with chat for step updates of the work
  2. We can define some improvements or other edits that we believe could improve the finished model
  3. We complete all parts of your order and we go ahead to print it
  4. Refine, all post-print processes and Shipping

Pricing of Custom Figures and Miniatures in base of Size and quantity items on it

ADDITIONAL ITEMS are everything additional outside the character’s naked body:
> Pieces of armor (helmet, a pair of shoulder straps, a pair of boots, a pair of gloves, a pair of bracelets, etc)
> Accessories (hoods, cloaks, clothes, bags, various accessories, grenades, etc.)
> Weapons (bows, rifles, swords, spears, axes, maces, hammers and then indicate if worn or equipped in the hands)
> Visual Effects (powers in place and spells, such as fireballs, rays, icy spheres, dark skulls, small summons like a little wolf or a spirit, etc.)
> Additional Body Parts (additional arms, tails, wings, horns, scales, etc.)