About Wolfmaker3D and Custom Figures and Miniatures

I create and print Miniatures for board games and wargames, as well as Action Figures and customized 3D small Items on request. It ranges from fantasy, sci-fi characters, from various franchises, such as Marvel, DC and many more. Feel free to contact me for ask something or order your Custom Figures and Miniatures.

By becoming my subscriber, you will have access to some monthly releases or special gifts that comes out of my Forge of Wolves. You can see my works, my prints or the files I have created also on my etsy store https://wolfmaker3d.etsy.com or on my website https://wolfmaker3d.com. By becoming my patreon you will immediately receive a 25% or 30% discount code for the store. If you want an original collection of Miniatures and Action Figures, just subscribe to Delta Wolf tier and you will receive 1 printed mini or figure each month! If you have some projects, subscribe to our Beta Wolf or Alpha Wolf tier and I’ll do a customized project for you, each month!

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Custom Item Design Commission

Get your own miniature or action figure. Describe the character you wish you could have in your collection of miniatures or action figures. Costs are calculated based on the complexity and size print/painting service. The height is calculated from the base to the head, and is always indicative with possible height variation up to 5 mm. The simple base is free.

3D Resin Printing Service

Do you have a 3D file or multiple 3D files and want to print them? Send me the files and I will print them in the selected size! The printed file will be professionally washed, supports removed and dried, finally cured under UV rays in Wash and Cure 2.0. If you also want to get the Finish and the Primer, select it from the options.

Painting Service

Painting service of miniatures, figures, busts and any other object printed in 3D or manually manipulated in polymer clay.

3D Superheroes characters

Order your favorite hero miniature, in the perfect size to play your favorite game, like mcp! Superheroes or Villains to expand your collection. Once you have purchased one of my products, in the Chat we will go to choose together the version of the character you prefer, or any modifications and poses, if available. Mcp miniatures are optimized in size for the game. Handmade BASES are created with Polymer Clay or resin printed.

Bring to life your Custom Figure

Custom Figures and Miniatures

If you don’t find one Action Figures or a Miniature from a Franchise (Marvel, DC, Warhammer, League of Legends, Star Wars, etc.) just ask to us. We have a collection of 3D characters like these and, each day, we create new designs and new characters. If we don’t have the figure or miniature you searching, just click on Custom Item and we will bring to life your desired Character, Creature or Item.



Expecially the Custom Commission listing, that allow you to send to me photos, draw and other things to create a Customized item based on your desire!

These are characters based on folklore, mythology, fairy tales or fairy tales. Fantastic and unique creatures. From monsters, werewolves, orcs, demons, human warriors and more. Other items are accessories like deckholders, mugs, phone holders, keychains and more!

They are created using 3D modeling tools and, after hours of work, are prepared on various other software to become printable on high quality and professional 3D printers.

✧ Printin in resin (one 3 cm mini has a printing time of like 5 hours);
✧ Washing in isopropyl alcohol for few minutes in ultrasounds machine to remove excess resin;
✧ Drying;
✧ Finishing in UV machine;
✧ Use a Primer Spray to make the product ready to paint.

You can use any miniature as pawns and character miniatures for your Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder or other similar games.
You can use Busts, Action Figures or Statues as objects for display and collection, on your shelves or furniture, which portray for example characters or objects that may have a certain importance. It is also possible to create items such as cups, deck boxes, key rings, dice, dice throwers, dice holders and much more!

Falling objects molded in resin, from heights of more than 20 cm, can be fatal or harmful, as breakage is possible for thin elements.
Any broken part can be fixed with glue and other tools. In any case, it is possible to request printing with Flex resin so that it is resistant to bending, bumps and falls (by paying a surcharge).

The height is calculated from the base to the head, and is always indicative with possible height variation up to 5 mm.

The diameter of the base is approximately 3.5 cm. Warning: only some characters have the base included. On orders of 5 or more items, handmade bases are added free of charge.

Almost every order with me can be customized in a single parto or all.

Expecially the Custom Commission listing, that allow you to send to me photos, draw and other things to create a Customized item based on your desire!


The time I need to prepare an order for dispatch varies. For details, see individual items.


Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I’m not responsible for delays due to customs.

The time to complete your custom product depends on the length of the jobs queque. For this I try to guarantee a time limit between 2 and 3 weeks, giving priority to older jobs.

While working, I may contact you to suggest changing a part or adding something, to make your final product truly gorgeous.

I request a whatsapp contact to stay updated on the developments of your requested customized product.

Lycantrophy Army

Werewolf miniature, fantasy, wolf, lion, werewolf, centaur, minotaur, animal, monster, beast, customized fantasy creature

Lycantrops aren’t just individuals who mutate into wolves or wolf hybrids. Lycantrops are part of a much larger species. Lycanthropy can originate from a genetic disease or mutation, from pure evolution, from experiments, from spells, spells or curses. Lycantrops can be any mixture of two main elements: a main species and a secondary species, of which the Werewolf manages to acquire skills, physical, developed senses or to completely change in it or to change only some parts of the body.

A lupine Lycantrop is also referred to as a werewolf, werewolf, or werewolf in many worlds. A werewolf of this type can appear in wolf form, wolf man hybrid form, or gain only certain physical mutations or abilities of the wolf, such as teeth, jaw, claws, or developed senses.

Often and in many worlds of the Multiverse, Lycantrops are individuals belonging to a type of marginalized population, usually because of the terror that most of the individuals considered “normal” can feel for these beings so different, imposing and so much superior. There are no limits to the possibilities of Lycanthropy, although in most cases, the secondary species is almost always a mammalian animal, perhaps due to the organism similar to the first species. Also available in a female version and much more in the variants.

✧ Wolfman / Werewolf / Werewolf (hybrid wolf) man / woman
✧ Leo man / Leonide (hybrid lion) man / woman
✧ Taurus man / Minotaur (hybrid bull) man / woman
✧ Horse Man / Centaur (hybrid horse) man / woman